by DJ Found Dead

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Gold Watch 02:29
Gold Watch Pushing paper trying to get paid doing what the man said forgetting that I'm living and one day I will be found dead. Mad I'm not making music and always instead, dick deep in spreadsheets, trying to keep my mouth fed. Tired of living white bread, enriched with no wonder. Got to friction up some lightning, got to ignite my thunder. Made the massive blunder of trading my time, for 3 weeks off and the company dime. Gold Watch I know too much, I'm under respected the loser attitude of this place has got me infected. Dejected, constantly booze affected. My muse is lost, my fuse is soft, passion you wrecked it. May as well be dead, as opposed to worrying about this work shit when I wake up in my bed all, too sexy. Right said Fred. I'ma go live loud die deaf instead. So fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you. True this plan is half baked but life has no redo. Gold Watch Regrets aren't me. So there won't be. Any when I drop just wait and see. My success, I guess could cause jealously but for $100 an hour we can talk strategy cut the bull shit, the small talk and strategy put the screws to what's loose fix what's happening shotgun fun syllables scattering low cash? I grow cold. Teeth chattering.
Tic Tacin Tabz Can't focus gotta get my fucking mind straight instagram, facebook same shit procrastinate. Overwhelmed at the helm, too much shit on my corral, corrupted morals, twisted metal is my mental state. Make a Danny Brown call I need some Adderall Northcoast law, double clutch, ideas on stall. So I fall back check the fuckin' internet go grey area to see just what I can get. Nootropics. Orange pills punch. Paypal the cash, DHL brings the brain lunch. Methylzenpheryn. Get it done times crunch, spreadsheets due and it's true investers got a hunch. I'm on drugs, I love drugs, only drugs can save me. 'roids, vodka Addtabz yeah, that can save me. I'm messy and loud, you know you can't contain me. Tic tac, focus up, these pill can fucking save me. Where's my money come from? the internet. Want to find focus, I know where to get www.whatshortage.com/pill go get yourself some thrills. Study without sleeping party 'til the suns creeping drink hard booze, til you throw up pass out with your dick leaking. At your own risk, take advice that I'm speaking. Tabz are a tool to get to the top, now get freakin' Money. Sex Drug fuelled success, on the straight and narrow be the be your best. Use a wonder drug, read the drug Mentuk. Egyptian office rugs Grind and make your own luck.
Seize up 02:12
Seize Up Ice Cleats on my feet to get grip on the street Queens in my pockets I'm feeling elite Just blazed some cobra and now I can see the stuff that you're spitting, vocabulary much of it, most of it seems faux to me cars, rented women, costume jewellery Macbook is my bible My saviour is Steve Call me Bill gates You be Tom Foolery And I'm refining Uranium to blast into your cranium ironic T's I'm staining them as I explode your head Beats built to boom stadiums Nootropics in my branium Weapons core plutanium you're about to be dead and word on the street is I ain' a suspect best bet if I was I wouldn't broadcast it why I win? see son, you're a dumb shit. Can't complete with my high brain function so please, please don't start wheezin' my juice Indeed this deep freeze won't make you feel loose I'm the John wayne of the game but my bank account is Bruce so seize up from the feet up, cuz that's how we do. Seize Up
Woop Woop It's the sound of the police Woop Woop and they can't catch me. I'm slangin' Girl Scout Cookies man It's just Girl Scout Cookies Pro, not rookie out back playing hookie pretend I'm not a genius I'm just another Snooki Yeah it's getting hot in here but they will never book me. Read my record, rate my credit officer you mistook me I'm just a good kid form a loving home not some bunk skid go on, leave us alone pardon I bid but she's recording with her phone so watch what you say when you're coming my way, don't want to press play in a lawsuit some day * So they're $5 each or 3 for $15 You want a price break? What the fuck are you thinking? Inflate your nostrils that's my pocket stinking Tecate - chopped We just smoked one while we're drinking Back to product Sack of girls scout best bet that I got it Ableton 9 Best know that I bought it Add Tabz fad? We can find focus if you want it Gift of gab? Go best bet I'm gonna flaunt it DEAFWISH tracks? Tell your friends that you bought it. OK? *
Goin In 02:26
On public transpo dreaming about a lambo wishing that I could go far away. Suns on my Supra's stats on my Woopra thinking that it will not happen today Do I really need to make this money to play? Do I really need to seek this status of pay? All I want to do is lounge with DJ Faye but the colors on my calendar say not today. Why not today? I want to get my way. Coffee cups in the air if you hear what I say. Reusable cups in the air if that's your steez ok Check the tones Watch the throne I'm going that shits Kray Triple A is how I stay, check my resume I'm on the clock billing high and my flavour is flay Yeah my flavour is flay and my flow's flambe and if you tell me that I can't, I won't hear what you say Fitting in and playing fair is not my DNA I'm on the rise for first prize so please clear the stairway I'm going in.
G Shock 02:16
I'm the t-1000 John Connar and Jesus Rolled in a swisher, smoked - snorted off Yeezus Rock rolling Doing what I pleases Don't want to see me angry be a person who appeases Gets I'm a white liar Building an empire I ain't some suede hack so close or get fired I'll mark you expired Your speakers on fire my style can't be acquired Victory - esquire Northside, rough ride? Nah life was smooth sailing. Get stupid? you betcha call me young Palin baked munching McCains tape deck turned to Waylon stern lessons learned forgot the term failing Sick syllables I'm straight flailing Sick Billables my bank account is never ailing I'm flipping fresh flows your styles staling I'm melting down this coast you best get bailing
*Running for the top while we're drinking to the bottom Burt Reynolds on the Bar? No my crew just shot 'em Bottles in the air, people if you still got 'em don't give a care Party Big Time Let's get it Started - Hype Let's get retarded tonight. Let's power up the Peavey's and warm up the lights. Here let me create a sight of Audio Visual delight YOLO / NO HOMO Pick your bullshit strap in and let's take flight I'm a Steve (as in Jobs) Never a Dwight (as in the dude from the office) Kingdom Khaki Kingpin alright (aka office boss) Quake the Body at the Booty Shake Drop Genuine "Pony" right at midnight You want it. * It's the Whiskey Sour Hour, honey get the dawg's dish and the camera 'cuz Bananarama grammar is what I spit I'm a venus shooting fire, perspire, don't quite hand up lumps shaking like an epileptic fit Bounce. Just Jiggle it Bounce. Watch you Wiggle it Bounce Yeah we're melting shit Global Warming. Hear my warming, the polar bears are swarming Pulling me in grinning on a hover sled with my army Got the Knife pushing bass can't harm me. Go kuzyk just loose it, corrode conformity Nevery sorry we only get one so, yes I'm sorry but I'm going to have fun Get Drunk. Shoot Guns. Party Big Time with everyone. How are we going to party? kuzyk kuzyk What's that Really Mean? Time to Lose it *
John Wayne 01:54
I've long gone digital Northcoast original Tru Skool critical Yeah, that's me. White hot Chippendale Cashed out professional Always learn, never fail STD Free. And I know you want to get with my mysterious ways Got Magic Johnson plays all pre-HIV days But I'm previously engaged, can't get me to stay, can't have it your way, this is my thing. LIVE LOUD DIY DEAF Fuck her diamond rings. Get the best not what's left Time's ticking man. Are you a Pauly Shore? Or are you a John Wayne? I'm a John Wayne.
Skim 2 Live 03:09
*My team needs green so it's time to scheme. Bite the bank back, start living the dream. Insert or swipe I just took your life you've been cloned and cleaned out go tell your wife you got skimmed, boy. You got skimmed. It takes cash to make it Spend $2000 Convert it to coins, crypto-currency Get on the dark net, grab the tools to play Stean Cortez is who you want to pay for Bluetooth enabled insert skimmer Triple your profit, be a big bread winner Don't ship to where you live, n00b ass beginner Fake name, PO Box Let your fraud star shimmer Now you've got the tools, time to break the rules stick it in, dry dick the lower gene pool this track is skim school, so pay attention Pull up a stool schmuck, few more things to mention Get a spot that's not hot and has traffic Suits and soccer moms, prime demographics Dress to fit in, got to look fantastic Keep calm, it's not a crime It's just plastic We just skimmin' Gotta Skim to Live Cards cloned Get the team zoned Target private machines far from my home Grow a moustache or beard, now get stoned Anyone busted? Trust you will be disowned First pull is a minimal shit Grab a receipt with the balance and the daily limit Next 2 max withdrawl fucking hit it. Now we skimming boy, get it. So many presidents my pockets can't fit it It comes fast - it goes fast but that's how we living Chelios House, entourage like Jeremy Piven Unemployed, paranoid I think that is a given But I won't get caught don't give it a thought Sip Circoc I bought with all your money On a rental yacht Getting liver rot Took your kids college fund and it's funny We just skimmin' Got to Skim to Live *
Last Call 02:44
*Get the Fuck Out Time to go home Make sure you got your jacket, keys and iPhone Lovers take your pick quick or head out alone Just bottoms up kids 'cause it's time to get going Last Call It's time to leave Vacate your seats the good ones went home accept the scene Options lean and you're feeling pretty Pisa so find the Dick or Donna that you think is going to please ya And remember this sage advice The singles out to mingle ain't the keeping type They're the ridden hard, put away wet, seldom to the vet, don't get checked Coyote Ugly Sights But that's alright Go get red light Just not on site So please, exit stage right The staff have had a long night so don't be a douche nozzle aka 'No Fights' * Final bell Last last call 2 shots of Goose, lime and a bendy straw Get the bill, chills, nick name it 'Shock'n'Awe' I ain't leaving alone, out come the claws Deja Vu Has brought you to the last call ball here's what to do Lower your glass and assess the room What exactly are you out to prove? Want a touchdown? Don't aim high. Find low self esteem in that girl or guy See if they are the goer type Put it on the line and see what's ripe Last call *


released September 30, 2014


all rights reserved


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